DAY 206

worthwhile wistfulness

Sometimes, when I take a photo like this one I feel a sort of slight -and strange- nostalgia. I don´t usually yearn for the good old days, but often when I see these images, I indulge in a little reminiscence of my old dreams. They come from my early childhood and they have shaped my character and personality in a way that is not always obvious

I like this tiny nostalgia not because it is a way to live in the past (something that anyway, I don´t like) but because it helps me keep track of who I was and who I really am

Indeed, I still am the girl who dreamt to be independent and shared with her mom their common love for all things domestic

The girl who wanted to have a very demanding profession and dreamt to make jam with apples from her own orchard (someday...)

The girl who wished to change the world and wanted to stay at home reading and having a peaceful life

The girl who believed that she could defend a PHD Thesis (in fact, I did it) and adored to create and alter things by hand

I still am a girl who swings between competitiveness and contemplation, between intimacy and outer attraction, between little things made with much love and great projects

To sum up, I am a girl who loves to compose this sort of photos while she is reading the papers of her post grade students because she needs to remember that she can be anything she wants to... regardless what the world can say


Zhen_77 said...

Wow! I love this reflection, we cannot anchor in the past, but it's good to know who we were and what we are.
TQM !!

Sandra said...

Musings in the moment - knowing that whatever we do, when we give it our full attention and when the occupation is done with mindfulness, we are really here, fully in this moment, where we are meant to be!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Lovely post. We are each unique and complex people. So nice not to have to be the same as anyone else.

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