DAY 208

lemons & photos: the multipurpose remedy

X-ray of a bad day: heat wave, migraine, tiredness, sprained ankle (in recovering), anxiety/depression (due to migraine), lack of appetite (due to pills intake), work behind schedule, no joy around (due to hot weather), cough (who knows why?), lack of inspiration, high emotional sensitivity, frustrated plans...

Naps, showers and lemons (in this exact order) seem to be the only things that make sense... and suddenly, while my migraine and the heat was becoming less intense, I was preparing a lemonade and remembered my camera

I started to take photos and after every single take, I felt a bit better... it was only a few minutes (usually my migraines only give me tiny respites till they definitely are gone) but, after drinking my lemon juice, I went to my next nap with a smile in my face

Is strange how from a not very good day can emerge a beautiful something that can rescue us from our miserable mood


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Next time I get a migraine, I'm going to look at all of your gorgeous photos again! That should cure me. Glad You're feeling a bit better...migraines, ugh. I got my last one in the middle of a reading group, with second graders. I got that dreaded aura of lights and lack of straight- vision. Lemon juice helps?? Take care of yourself...and many thanks for visiting.

Sandra said...

Glad you have pulled yourself out of your migraine and that lemons and taking photos helped heal you.
So some parts of the world are getting heatwaves and we are getting day after day of rain, wind and cold with a couple of warm, sunny days thrown in to relieve the monotony!
Enjoy your beautiful somethings that change your days around! It's always good to be on the look-out for them and start off by creating them!

shirley said...

I find that taking photos definitely lifts my spirits. Something about noticing the beauty around us and being able to capture that is so uplifting.
You captured your lemon and beautiful bowl wonderfully

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