DAY 188

given blessings: creativity II

Everyday creativity is based on the assumption that we are all creative. It's not synonyms with artistic talent or professional skills, indeed is part of our true nature as we need to be creative and innovate in order to survive. So we can use this gift when we need to heal our lives by opening ourselves up to our inner voice

As I said we´re all randomly creative (this is part of our adaptability) and also we can develop this proces intuitively, but if we want to do it more consciously, whe should taking into account the following issues:

 Choosing a medium. Even we are not talking about training as an artist, but about using our innate ability to create  with the aim of knowing ourselves better and  becoming clear about what´s going on our lives, we must see ourselves as creator. If we have made art before, this won´t be difficult, but if not, we should explore our memories and feelings

 Having what you need to start your practice. Time, a space where you can work, a storage place, and materials are basic. You won´t need full-time dedication,  a big studio or lots of expensive stuff, only the essential and this will depend on the medium selected. Quite often, a few hours per month, just a simple table, a good lamp if we are planning work at night, and a box where to store our materials are enough

Orienting ourselves to this new task. We all need inspiration and support, so if we are planning to start to create as part of our inner work, both things will be fundamental. Looking for books, web sites, on-line communities, taking a class, or sharing our interest with friends could be helpful

Taking the first step from a place of trust, acceptance and non criticism. You are looking for inner peace, not for perfection. We have to go with the flow of our creativity, and let the process develops by itself. Instead of trying to control it or starting to analyze what we are creating, we should appreciate our performance in terms of clarity and wellbeing and mainly, witness its messages of change and transformation


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I like this: looking for inner peace, not perfection. Aaah.

Anonymous said...

We were created to create and this is what your blog seems to be about. The premise of Morning Dewdrops is to create, no matter how simple, and if you say you can't you won't because you've told yourself you won't So I really like this post. Blessings Terri

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