DAY 187

given blessings: creativity

I have talked about the idea of creativity as a healing practice before. Indeed, creating have been a powerful healing tool along my journey. According to my own experience regarding this issue,  the creative process works in a double direction. 

When we start to heal, we change our vision, trough the change of our inner patterns. But, we can also redefine our inward scenery, changing the way we look at the world

In both cases, creativity can play a basic role. First, helping us to improve self-knowledge, to go deeper into ourselves and to illustrate our finds. Second, helping us to train our gaze in order to make it much clearer and allowing us to give expression to a more sensible and healthy perspective that can be use as a "guide" or a way to feel inspired

When I first started to use creativity during my healing process, I thought I could be useful as a breakout of a complex work, but soon I understood that it could be also a powerful way to clear my head and my emotions

I have discovered that creating can have incredible benefits. No matter if I write down my journals, make collages, update my blog, take photographs, alter or restore furniture or develop a crafty task... I always end up not only revitalized, but also much more aware of what happening around me and inside me. It increases my relaxation, but mainly my discernment

Along the years I have found out some ways to make this process even better, so now I have a good foundation from which to begin creating with a "healing aim" in mind. And even when a more informal approach is quite useful, this one which is more organized, is not complicated to learn or to carry on, either

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