DAY 176

persistence of beauty

Colors give its splendor to spring, but I have learnt through my life when something is missed, a sort of replacement or compensation occurs. So when I started to edit this photo in black and white, suddenly I started to become more aware of the subtle lines and forms, the delicate textures and veins, the direction of light. Things that before went unnoticed, became more relevant and the absence of color, which, to be honest, I didn´t like before, started to be secondary and even an advantage

And I wondered how many times along a life this can happen without being appreciated, or even rejected. I started a mental list about my own experiences, and I discovered a great evolution. As far as I can see, changing my mind about my need of control, has made a great difference

Of course, it hasn´t been always as easy as when I edited this photo and it has entailed some great challenges but mainly, tiny tests. In fact, simple situations, give us the real dimension of our own aperture:  when we are not able to accept any simple change, or it makes us suffer too much, it´s time to think about our attachment to rules, values, ideas, preconceptions or prejudices that are not making us happier, on the contrary, are making us feel upset and tired of our existence

It´s all about the way we expect reality to be and the attitude we choose to develop when something disappoints our expectations. We can choose to embrace or get annoyed, to accept or start to grumble about it, to repudiate our experiences or welcome them... in short, we can choose to disown our life or try to live it as best as possible

This won´t make all our experiences grateful, but will make our life bearable and probably, much more interesting,  joyful and beautiful

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