DAY 175

highly sensitive

 I have prayed for being a bit more absentminded most of my life. I´ve always had the sense that I have the ability to see , perceive and remember too much and don´t forget easily... which causes me the feeling that I am too sensitive to my environment and internal states

The answer to my prayers came in an unexpected form. My journey hasn´t led me to be less perceptive, but to learn to focus my energy in the right direction, so I can be receptive without being so susceptible, vulnerable and prone to distortion

Now I know that my ability to be responsive to subtle clues is indeed a gift even when my experiences and my own story, that have affected my personality in major ways, have turned it into something apparently problematic during some stages of my life. Once I understood that fact, I started to deal with my strong feelings (softening the negative emotions and empowering the positive ones) and to see myself in a more appreciative way. This has allowed me to realize that I can use this ability to achieve a higher degree of excellence in my work and personal life

In fact, it makes me facile to evaluate things like mood of others or changes in my environment and act accordingly and, as I can be more accurate in my perceptions and I am not so easily affected by biases caused by a stereotyped way of thinking, I can also act strategically without problems

So finally, I have found the positive side of the deep processing of what´s going on: intuition, efficiency, creativeness and conscientiousness

note: If you think you can be a highly sensitive person, this link could help you


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Oh I am extremely sensitive... Sometimes it hurts like crazy, but it can also be good, especially for a teacher of young children. This is when art journaling helps! Take care. Kath

Molly said...

I hope you do not think I am stalking...but I wanted to read a few of your entries and this one made me stop in my track! "I perceive remember too much and don't easily forget" That is me in a nutshell.

I followed your link and took the self test. And I was shocked at what I learned. For you see, I have always been told my whole life that I am not sensitive enough. Because I need to remove myself when situations become too over-powering - those around me saw me as uncaring.....and I have believed them all these years.

But I am not anti-social. I am not uncaring. And I feel as though I am just now beginning to discover who I might really be.

So...I am going to read the book, and begin my own journey of self-discovery.

Once again, thank you!

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