DAY 155


I am letting go past and trying to preserve memories,
I am staying here, today, and trying not to forget,
I am living the now and trying to honor my inheritance,
I am focusing on the present and trying to keep my learnings,
I am living today, not tomorrow or yesterday, and trying to conserve my own story

I am here and there... and still dreaming, but I have the feeling that this doesn´t mean attachment

Maybe I have learnt to travel throughout time without ties,
Maybe I have done a balancing act to walk along the tightrope of my imperfect past,
Maybe I have worked miracles and am able to think about the future just as a pleasure and not as a way to escape

I don´t know... but lessons and hopes don´t move me from my inner center as violently as they did before, and this is good… so good

here: me in the park and my Japanese bell (used to clean the energy inside the house)

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