DAY 154

I still can remember

Many international organizations have warned about a young generation without memories. When the older generations which are currently living in this planet (people who know well the 20th century) have been disappeared, their memories of the ancient times could be irreversibly lost. Of course, this has always happened but not in such a brief term

This is much more serious if we take into account that now we have means that would allow us to keep them safe, once the traditional way to do it (oral transmission inside the family) is not working anymore. This wouldn´t be exactly the same but could help to preserve the everyday -and personal- story that won´t be included in official History and pass it on, using alternative channels

Indeed, this could be the only way we have to conserve our immaterial inheritance. Obviously, this would demand a great interest in what happened before we arrived to this place, and I am not even sure that this interest exists, at least in youngest generations

How will be our lives if finally we are not able to do it? Rootlessness, shallowness and emptiness (in the worst sense of the word) come to my mind...

Maybe I am too pessimist, but I am afraid that in a not so far day, the word "past" will be a gateway to nowhere

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