DAY 153

the past

I´ve always thought that I needed the past in order to examine in detail my identity and understand myself better, but till recently I haven´t realized how much the past needs me.

Someday, I won´t be here anymore... who is going to remember it then?

Who will remember all the things I have treasured about my family saga, all the anecdotes I know about so many passages of our story?

Who will remember the experiences (and memories) of my great grandparents, my grandparents and my parents or the characteristics of the world where they lived in?

Who will remember their precious lives which helped to construct the framework of an entire age?

They did so much and were so unique. Even when I only know a tiny part of their stories, I am fascinated by it. The everyday life of my old relatives (and many other anonymous persons), their fights, dreams and hopes have led us till today. They deserve to be remembered as individual beings (not diffuse entities in a history book), and -as long as we can- we must preserve their memory... but it seems to me that this won´t be possible for the medium term

My youngest students (which are twenty something) can´t hardly imagine a world without new technologies, where men and women had to struggle fiercely to get what they wanted; where all the things they take for granted (education, leisure, nice clothes and even good foods) were luxuries and  everyone had to come to this world, give birth to their sons and daughters and say goodbye at home... and -generally speaking- they don´t want to know anything about it 

It´s not their fault, they have been educated to think that they are the future (and future is the only thing that matters), but this makes our traditional heritage, and the way we have been weaving our knowledge of the world till now, to be at risk 

 So I can´t help asking to myself: who will open the book of the past and read it´s lessons from now on?

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