DAY 137

serenity made by hand
Two weeks ago, or so, I created a wreath made of textile remnants (I´ll publish more photos of it later on), it was a fantastic therapy and I realized how much I miss my crafts. When I am without creating anything for a while because I am too busy with my work and/or with another creative tasks like photography, that makes me training my vision and makes me walk -which is fantastic- but demands another kind of skills when editing,  I feel like I am missing something

That day, I decided that I shouldn´t be so much time without making things with my own two hands, it´s so amusing and relaxing... but time is short and maybe organization is not my strong point, or is simply a question of mathematic: I am interested in so many things, that I can´t devote myself to every one of them on regular basis

Anyway, today, while I was processing these photos, I´ve remembered the contentment I felt that day and I am resolved to make room for this as I need it so much. I know I´ve talked about this (making room for the things I love) before, and I know it´s not easy for the reasons mentioned above, but looking forward I can see that I have taken some steps already and somehow, I have the feeling  that my determination has increased along the last two weeks that I have stayed at home due to my sickness

So I will keep on rearranging my timetable using the same strategy. I am not going to make great changes as I usually did (I am prone to be overly ambitious). Instead of this, I am thinking of establishing a "weekly craft morning" so to say, and maybe publishing some photos. I´ve kept this blog updated and also my weekly photo walks (a thing that I thought I couldn´t afford) so maybe it´s time to take new step…

Apart from this, these photos also have made me think about the great importance of creativity in my life as a stunning healing force. And mainly about my mother and our relationship, because a good part of it is based on our shared love for these everyday pleasures. I will talk about it on future posts


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I always enjoy reading your 'blog and I love the work shown and the idea.

Sam said...

I can't wait to see more photos of your wreath - love the colors & textures!

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