DAY 124

crystallized ginger

From time to time I suffer a fever outbreak. After weeks working hard, or a strong emotional stress, I normally end up feeling exhausted but I am not wise enough to take a rest each time. Sometimes I notice that, but often I don´t become fully aware of my tiredness. However, my body seems to know when I need to stop and it manages to force me to do it

When this happens (and today is one of those days)  I stay collapsed with fever during a whole day (terribly, I know)

I´ve been dealing with this all my life and I have been through different stages:

When I was a child I just felt ill and a bit unhappy

Along my early youth and later on, this made me feel angry, I used to take a pill and keep on working

Now, I listen to my body, I know this is an alarm bell. So I take the opportunity to stay quiet at home, I cover myself with a soft blanket, drink water and infusions, I watch my favorite series on television, I complain a bit about how bad I feel, eat some treats and mainly I sleep a lot.

Next step: Learn to stop and have a rest, each time I need it (without running a fever)

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