DAY 123

the girl inside

The memories of our past can shape our present motivation, so we have to pay attention to the past episodes of our lives that can be conditioning our present responses. 

As I had to grow too fast, I´ve never been able to take the freedom to play and act childish. So the little child I was still resides within me and wants to be listened. I think that all the persons who have had to be over responsible and haven´t had the chance to grow and mature in a normal sequence of events have the same problem.

For a long time I´ve thought that being adult was to be sophisticated, serious and task-oriented rather than be imaginative, joyful, sensitive and loving, but this biased perspective didn´t help me very much to feel "normally" or to enjoy my life.

Till I understood that I was only suppressing the problem, and I was not giving a true response to it, I didn´t start to move forward. I had to accept that I hadn´t learnt to spend time each day in pleasure and joy and somehow I had to integrate the unease feeling that this was causing me.

That´s when I started to deal with the idea of the inner child. I´m not going to talk about how the inner child come into being, as it is a complex issue, but the thing is that when I found some nurturing messages that I could give her, I started to feel calmed down.

These are the messages that makes her (me) feel appeased:

Don´t be so serious about life

Take time to do the things you want to do

Take risks

Have fun each day

Enjoy the small things in life

Permit someone else to care for you

Let the creativity reigns

Cultivate a sense of wonderment

Don´t seek to please others

Set limits

Express your feelings, even when they seem to be overly sentimental

Be true to yourself and honest with others about who you are

Slow down and let go anger

Love and accept love

Be proud of who you are

Take time for yourself

Help others and accept others helping you

Enjoy your life with no guilt feeling

Honor your story

Let your fantasy life emerges

Don´t be afraid to play

Laugh at your mistakes

Keep your eyes open to beauty

Do your duty and don´t forget to have a good time

here: an old cup given by my sister in law to my mother (she gave it subsequently to me). It belonged to her grandmother


Mom Photographer said...

very close to my heart post. I too, had to grow up too fast. I lost a lot of my inner child in this process... these days having a child on my own I'm learning how to get that child inside me free and I actually learn that I didn't lost all of it... I just hide it deep inside. Thank you for such a beautiful messages!

chelle said...

i loved to read your story & i can relate to this too, i often find myself to be too serious..i had to grow up quickly too..bless you & thankyou for sharing all these wonderful inspirations x

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