DAY 107

what do you wish to attract?

As last time, when I read the Wishcasting Wednesday question I found it thought provoking and very inspirational. However, when I started to attempt an anwer I felt a sort of blockage.

I fear sometimes we don´t want to allow ourselves to attract what we really want. I don´t know exactly the reason why this occurs, maybe we feel frightened of the unforseen consequences of our dreams (even, when one of them could be the discovering of our own magnificence), maybe we feel ashamed of their dimensions (we suppose we are not meant to dream big)...

This happens to me even when I know that when we aligned ourselves with our true needs, the law of the attraction works (though not always as we expect)

At the end, regardless the sensation of being too exposed, I decided to trust my inner voice and stay true to it

Speaking in general terms, I wish to attract beautiful and peaceful ways to develop my personal power and my spirituality and specifically:

Courage to share my vision

Wisdom to identify ways to do it

Inspiration to find what I can offer

Creativity to design the needed strategies

Patience to make them grow

Kindred spirits willing to consider my proposals

Guidance to make them part of what I make to earn life

To sum up: 

Determination to follow my soul´s dreams about developing a deeper professional activity related to self-knowledge, the improvement of personal skills and spiritual evolution, (which could be related to my current career in education and teaching field)

Strenght and help to make them come true

1 comment:

Sabrina S. said...

Hi Zena,
Beautiful wish… Sometimes, I feel we're just afraid we might succeed. For me, it is 50% fear of failure and 50% fear of success. Stupid, huh?!! Letting go of these fears and letting things happen is not easy, but I'm willing to take the risk now. I see that you're on the same journey. Good luck.
As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too. Greetings from France.

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