DAY 106

against reproaches and regret 

Some days I start the day complaining about my so called faults and I go to bed doing exactly the same. This is not a good habit at all, it makes me feel frustrated, dissatisfied ... and powerless, it seems I am not improving myself or making any effort to mend my ways when this is not true

So, from some time now I´m trying to change my mind, and when I discover myself being so critical, I try to stop the disapproving comments or judgments and I attempt to take a different approach

I don´t deny my own characteristics (this is important), I just try a new way to dealing with them. And I say to myself:

As I am reserved, I have learnt to listen to the sound of life and also the great importance of using words

As I am analytic, I have learnt to explore different sides of a given problem and also the great importance of being aware of other people´s viewpoints

As I am intellectual, I have learnt to use my mind and my knowledge to solve problems and also the great importance of being emotional and physical

As I am a perfectionist, I have learnt to achieve excellence and also the great importance of being flexible and tolerant

As I am perseverant, I have learnt to continue in a course of action in spite of difficulty, and also the great importance of giving up my goals when the circumstances advises so

As I am self-demanding, I have learnt to make the most of my capacities, but also the great importance of being fair when I demand something of someone

As I am familiarized myself with anger, I have learnt about its great power, but also the great importance of managing our emotions adequately

Every time, I make this exercise, I take a step in the right direction. Not only I  overcome the words (and tags) that I use to define who I am and defuse the negative meaning I usually give them, but I also discover the great gift they enclose

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