DAY 105

natural world (and in particular, botanical diversity) fascinates me

Regardless cycles, shapes, seasons, state or appearance... plants irresistibly attract my interest and warm approval. As a person who is prone to perfectionism (and even to self-criticism), my ability to accept the striking beauty of nature without reservations, or preconceived ideas, never ceases to amaze me

As I have become aware of my aptitude for looking at nature with such pleasure, and expressing admiration without difficulty or effort, I have noticed that the more I admire the world around me, the more astonishing it seems to be... and I also discovered that this could have similar consequences with persons, and even with myself, because any living thing has a positive response to admiration

So now I cultivate sincere admiration on purpose. I try to focus on qualities and not on faults and on celebrating difference (as I do when I look at flowers or plants), instead of searching for homogeneity

To be honest, this is not always easy when we talk about persons, in particular, regarding myself, but it works: the more I relish uniqueness  -the more I understand I  am 
(as everyone else)  one of a kind-, the happier I am with myself -and with other persons- and more valuable I feel 

I don´t know if this happens because we sense wonderment and this cause an improvement or because our state of reverence increases appreciation.... maybe I will never know, but I am absolutely sure that this is powerful tool which makes my everyday life easier and lighter

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