DAY 83

story of a miracle

When the new kitty arrived home a few months ago, the resident cat, Miel, was feeling downhearted and very sad. This situation started after her sister passed away last February and got worse when I went back work after my summer vacation. I´m not sure if a cat can get depressed, but this would be the right word to describe her state. Her physical condition was quite poor and her mood was terrible. So much so that I was afraid she could get seriously ill

It´s hard to imagine that this can happen if you don´t have previous experiences, but it was like I have lost two cats, instead of just one. The thought of adopting a new kitty, was an extreme solution to this problem but I had the feeling that it could work

The new kitty came to our house by chance, and even when Miel was reluctant to get involved in this new relationship, indeed, she felt truly terrified, now things have changed. The kitty is sweet and joyful and very persistent... so little by little she has won her heart in the end

Now Miel eats much better, plays and sleeps well, she moves around me and don´t stay all day long under my bed´s blanket (as before), she looks much happier and is living a second youth even when she is nearly 14 years old

I´m so very glad... I want to cuddle them both, every time I see how they are learning to live together

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Gallery Juana said...

Glad miel is doing better with kitty's arrival. It's hard on everyone to lose someone. Cats are amazing.

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