DAY 82

merged into myself
I came back to the mirror trying to figure out the meaning of my word for 2012: embrace 

I knew I was not talking about acceptance, the ability of flowing or even openness. I was looking for something that went beyond those terms, although this was going too far. I knew I rather wanted to be able to hold closely in my arms every single event, every experience, my memories, my wishes, my dreams, my fights, my mistakes, the pain, my gifts, my beauty, my vision...  in other words, my whole life without preconceptions and with affection 

As a matter of course, I started to look at the woman in the mirror, that is, me. And I tried to imagine what kind of woman would embrace her life without reservations. I kept my mind on her and saw her gaze, her smile, I felt her graceful presence and listened to her heart beating softly... 

I open my eyes and I saw that woman looking at me gently. I held out my hand to her and suddenly I had the feeling that we were merging, we were starting to become one

Now I carry this woman inside me, a woman who is able to fully live whatever can happen

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