DAY 71

back home

These days I´m at my mom´s house, I wanted this free week to plan this year, this would have meant thinking about my intentions, musing on my word for the year, invoking a spiritual mood and so on...

But I thought that if I wanted to get off to a good start, these free days could be also an opportunity to come back home and pamper my mom with a great deal of attention. Giving love and spreading joy is a sure gateway to our highest self and indeed, a sort of meditation.

So these days I am doing my inner work while I´m preparing good meals, making my mother secure in bed for sleep and kissing her goodnight. It´s strange to be back at your childish home and have to play the role of mom instead of the role of daughter, and even more stranger when this means being the mother of your own mom... but that´s the life path: if we are lucky enough we will be present at our parents’ process of ageing and we will have the chance to care for them.

My mother and me are going through this stage right now. Time ago she was the one who was always there to keep things going, but now that she is 87 years old, she is not that person anymore. This is shocking, things that before were important don´t mean nothing to her today; it is also painful, I can see her fragility and her fear, but on the other hand, somehow there are tons of sweetness and beauty around

…will talk about this on future posts

Here: a collection of italian porcelain dolls that my mother has at my old bedroom. It is made up of pieces that  I have given her along the years

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