DAY 72

summery fruit for a wintery lady  (more reflections upon old age)

... because this time of life calls for tenderness in order to make it more plentiful

This time of life calls for sweet cuddles

this time of life calls for kindness

and gentleness, subtle touches, courteous gestures, soft gazes, tiny steps...

This time of life calls for an amazing tact

this time of life calls for patience and benevolence

and prayers, confidence, a helpful attitude and tons of disinterested love...

This time of life calls for varied stimulus

this time of life calls for a brave encouragement and a cheerful mood

and nice colors, appealing flavors, homey smells and cozy spaces...

This is said to be a hopeless stage and many persons (old or young) are tempted to act as if this could be true, but according to my experience this only worsen the whole situation. On the contrary, if we don´t overdramatize, it will provide us countless chances to explore our ability for caring, creating, serving and taking pleasure in life. It also will give us ways to find a new pace, rediscover lost pleasures... and enjoy the beautiful cycle of life where every season has its own charm

here: guava served to my mom as noon snack


Fiona Jones said...

This post felt like it was written for me! Such good suggestions...the whole helpless, dramatising thing is where I am, and it is so unhelpful and draining.

You are so much further ahead of me in your spiritual journey then I am...Have a good week...x

Christina said...

such a beautiful reminder.

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