DAY 66

I only can play my own music

When I teach my students how to work as a team, I always say that if we want to know what this means we must imagine a good orchestra because it sets a wonderful example by performing a single piece as a whole, even when every person is playing a different instrument. Of course, this example is meant to illustrate the great importance of appreciating differences not only when we talk about other persons but also when we talk about ourselves. So the key to achieve a good result is not homogeneity, but diversity and excellence

Despite of this is related to professional skills training, lately I´ve been thinking of the symphony of this existence and about all the players that contribute to perform it. First, I tried to analyze my own role (ego always need some kind of validation), but then I came to the following conclusion:

No matter what instrument I´m playing, what really matters is that I am here (that every one of us is here). Either if I´m playing a violin, a flute or a simple bell,  or if my life is going right or wrong at this precise moment, 
I´m an essential player, I´m making my music and it is an important passage of the entire piece

You may ask why? Well… because I´m highly skilled in my own uniqueness... in the art of being myself, even when I am pretending to be another person, and no one can do this as nicely as I can do it

So, what´s my choice? I can make the best of this chance and modulate my own sound being aware of world around me and inside me

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