DAY 65

the joyfulness path

The month of joy is almost over. I would like to say that I´ve been feeling fully joyful every single day of it but this wouldn´t be true. December is a complicated month either if you want to celebrate joy, or if you´re not able to do it, because it is surrounded by many expectations about what joy should be. And also because it is a busy, extravagant, nostalgic and wistful month… but maybe due to all the things I´ve mentioned above, it´s also a great month (the best) to deal with joy every day

Staying focused on joy all month long has made me understand that I can decide to react to my own circumstances with a joyful mood, instead of activating my fear, pain or sorrow. Sure enough, I´ve learned this year what every December has been telling me throughout my whole life: I can opt for joy

This month I´ve realized that joy is mainly a state of mind that is deeply related to our viewpoint. We can see miracles everywhere or just simple, ordinary facts that are recurrent, verifiable, and not amazing at all, but if we do so we´ll keep on bobbing in the ocean of discontent. Once again, is up to us

Is it easy? No, I still find hard feeling  nicely amazed when things don´t happen according to my plans

Must I train more? Surely, learning to see the happy side of the unexpected requires great dedication

Will I master someday the art of being authentically joyful? Hope so

Could this mean that I won´t going to be concerned by anything nevermore? ...I don´t think so

If I stay connected to the joy inside me I won´t become unworried or careless, in any case, I´ll be less disappointed if everything doesn´t go as I expect... if life follow its own way. And maybe, I´ll be able to admit its greatness and take delight in what it is

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