DAY 46

the healing power of the little things

When I look around and I take time to appreciate outstanding examples of grace which surround me, I wonder how can I feel unease, how can I argue with myself or others, how can I live with anger...

They are tiny and witty signs of this universe´s cleverness that usually goes unnoticed because the universe doesn´t boast about being miraculous, on the contrary it is subtle and respectful and doesn´t impose its viewpoints over ours... maybe because we come to this life to conquer light (not to be forced to accept light) and the option for realizing its mastery, it´s also a chance for awakening

But when I allow this things to come into my vision of reality, they change it dramatically... they untie all the knots of my soul and remove all the thorns that are stuck on my heart due to the simple act of living. They give me a renewed sense of pureness and naivety that many times doesn´t last much yet has a tremendous healing power

Things like for example: 

a simple seed or the shape of a leaf

the changing clouds that sail the sky

the diligence of the bees

the softness of a rose petal

the amazing design of a strawberry or the kiwi´s core

the inspiring color of a pumpkin

the sound and smell of the ocean

the rain

the first (and the last) ray of light

a simple blooming bush which show us the magnificence of nature

the radiant beauty of flowers

the splendor of wild landscape 

the savor of some spices and  aromatic herbs 

the small weeds which manage to grow up in a wall crack

the serene dignity of cats which hides a playful spirit

eyes and hands in constant motion which weave incredible stories

fragile feet that carry us far away...

the vulnerability and confidence of any life form

They are indeed, simple, ordinary things but their contemplation seems to me an act of meditation that leads me to the border of my conscious and penetrates my soul´s mysteries

here: a sage leaf

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