DAY 47

soul  whispers

There are antique loves that I have cultivated since long ago and still come to the rescue and defuse boredom, anxiety and desperation. I grew up fond of them and still have the power to make my spirit fly. Indeed, they silently have led me to the place where I am right now as they have been a sort of lifeboat during the hardest times of my life

But if I should mention only one, I would choose my love for graphic images. The way they can be created, manipulated and altered, their styles, colors, shapes, no matter what they can be: paintings, comics, photos, illustrations, collages... have always fascinated me. So much so that since I had my first pencil, I haven´t stopped creating them

My point of highest development as a young amateur artist was the discovery of scissors and glue to mix already created images and create new ones. Later on, I made new interesting discoveries (including photography) that have increased my possibilities of self-expression. But still today, collages hold an irresistible attraction for me

Not only as an artistic task, but as a seeking tool. Making collages permits me to gain access to the peaceful, silent, core of my own self. I don´t know exactly why (or how) this happens, I guess it has to do with letting my left side of my brain rest, so the right side can emerge and be in charge, but it works as a powerful therapy or soulful meditation

Quite often we long for answers to our supplications... and it is beside us, it lies in the things we love passionately and unselfishly because they bear messages from our inner self which is also, our main master

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