DAY 581

full confidence

I have a personal journal where I mainly write down ideas about projects that I have in mind and I don´t want to forget. I have written many journals along my life most of them were made to reinforce or strengthen self-knowledge and new attitudes, to explore my feelings, but I also used some of them to explain stages of certain plans. However,  this is a bit different: I only write rough drafts, I don´t go deeply into any issue, I don´t add many details, concrete actions or dead-lines.

Considering that I teach projects planning at university, the idea of creating a journal about projects and don´t explain and develop their phases,  is quite difficult to me,  but reduces my need to achieve, my perfectionism and self-demanding attitude. It is an easy way to start without rush or sense of obligation and this -at least in my case- liberates tension and energy and promotes confidence. I only entrust my dreams to Universe and await for instructions (please    don´t tell my students!).

After describing a project I draw a square and I doodle around it. After this I write a question inside it that summarizes its true aim, that often is quite far away from material desires or specific expectations. Guess what? It works. Conditions to develop the projects (in very unique and even inconceivable ways) soon appear and they start to evolve easily  and without setbacks or side effects.

I don´t know exactly why this is happening.  I suppose that there are some moments in our lives when we are yearning for something and after demanding it we obtain exactly what we want without requirements or “traps", just a continuous progress from one stage to another without pain or effort, only joy, calm and a sense of flow. These moments occur when we are deeply aligned with our higher self… when we start to request exactly what makes it visible, instead of what empowers the ego. Once this happens we can evolve through love, communion with grace and a wisdom that goes beyond our own knowledge.

I´ve been finding myself involved in this kind of placid pace since I am keeping this journal. I am sure that it´s not the only reason why this is happening (I have learnt so much lately!) but it has become a sort of symbol of this new sense of alignment, of a new attitude. 

I trust the goodness of this path. I feel that I am learning to move toward my goals in a more relaxed (yet efficient) manner that is also more pleasant... more carefree and cheerful and much more consistent with the person I am right now. And this, my friends, makes me immensely happy.


Aga Gasiniak said...

Love, love, love your post. I really needed it this morning. Thank you, Zena. 'evolve through love'- beautiful.

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

Zena this concept of journaling is fascinating and I really love the idea...I was thinking of keeping a reflection journal that may be similar in what I want to achieve although my doodles would look like doodles and not artwork like yours!

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