DAY 562

in {and out} Week 2: Winter

Winter is maybe the hardest season. It is the most austere –so to speak- and forces us to focus on the essence of things. A bare, withered, branch doesn´t caught our attention almost immediately. It is not like a blooming bouquet of flowers or a carpet of red leaves, it hasn´t got their evident allure, it is severe and plain, unadorned, but if we take the time to go beyond appearances and stereotyped ideas about beauty and life (and death), we´ll realize that it is appealing anyway.

Learning to appreciate this kind of bare simplicity has connected me with a more contemplative mood from where I have started to embrace the reality (and the gifts) of life cycles and to accept with humbleness (and even joy) what comes to meet me.

This is helping me to lead a more authentic life which is not oriented only to conquer success or approval but also to self-realization, to the fulfillment of my true potential.

Obviously, acknowledging that life is fleeting, that birth and death happen continuously and this changes it all every single time but doesn´t disrupt the mechanics of this universe is shocking. Coming to the conclusion that the only thing we can do is accepting the loss and its lessons and become ready for the next season is painful. Learning to do it with gratitude, treasuring the sweetest memories and letting go the anger and the bitterness can seem to be improbable… but it is possible. Honoring the process through which detachment occurs by keeping love and compassion in our hearts is indispensable.

Today I know that a new spring will come and with it a new hope will revive. May I never forget what I have learnt along this winter. May the serenity it has brought to my life can endure.

This entry is part of a project I am developing with my friend Montse Gallardo. We´ll share a photo every week during 2015. Her photos will be always taken outside and my photos will be indoor shots only. We have created a Facebook page: In and Out. 52 weeks where you can see all the photos of the project.  


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Winter and I have come to an understanding. I have found a certain peace in the austerity. Once I read an article in which a woman wrote about looking for the Mauve in the color of the winter forest. Now I see it.

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I love what you are doing with this project and this picture is a perfect representation of the withered beauty and remains from winter....lovely lessons that reminded me there is so much to this season.

windrock studio said...

Yes, it is possible ... lovely words.

Aga Gasiniak said...

To fully appreciate spring we need to go through winter, dark and inner time. it is almost like an inner hibernation. winter gathers and restore energy and makes us ready for the the spring to come. Nature knows...visiting your blog Zena is like a chat with a good friend. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Yes, spring will always come - metaphorically and literally :) great writing as always.

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