DAY 545

easing off

We left go and we learn to love the process.
Layer after layer we decode old wounds
and realize that is important not only analyzing and understanding situations
but accepting the emotions linked to them.

We heal

We practice detachment and understand that is good for us.
This makes us be more connected to the nature of life:
things come and go
and we cannot stop this cycle through affection.

We break away from conditionings

We choose to be here.
We stay in this moment... oh, what a gift!
and live consciously,
observing , appreciating , being aware of everyday miracles.

We dwell in the now

We practice and practice and practice
till all this becomes easy,
smooth, fluent
even funny.

We enjoy

But one day we wake up and we feel we miss  the old days.
We don´t know why ,
we think we should not
and we ask what is happening.

We suffer... again

Sometimes, this happens to me. 

I used to feel guilty, 

and thought that ego was playing dirty tricks on me,
I felt mortified.

But now I have understood this sort of grief. 
It brings the good memories back together, 
makes me see the nice moments among the old mess 
and remember laughs and love and sweetness. 

It makes me see the unappreciated beauty of all what I have lived, 
of all what I have lost 
and gained, 
makes me keep forgiving and loving.

Makes me human


windrock studio said...

You are such a good human and these images are just outstanding.

Kimberley McGill said...

Gorgeous photos! And such soulful words.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Dear Zena, I feel this is the most beautiful post ever. It is really, really touching. First I had a glimpse at your photographs and I thought how beautiful they are and then I read your thoughts and they are so honest, wise and touching. Those days when we stepping back, those are part of life, of beauty because they make us more aware and grateful for the better days to come. Much love to you!!!! and thank you!!!!

Maery Rose said...

What you've written is so true for me too. Beautifully said.

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