DAY 544


I´ve been (almost) unplugged along ten days. I wanted to rearrange things at home now that I am on holidays but apart from that, I felt I had to be off line for a while. I also left my camera aside.

My work involves much intellectual effort and hobbies, you know, can be highly rewarding but also a bit demanding, so it has been refreshing to work hard (physically speaking) and taking time to do another kind of things without being under pressure, without deadlines or feeling that I have to socialize, create or communicate. I haven´t even used the phone too much.

My husband is still working outside the country. His comeback has been delayed several times which is very sad because now I have plenty free time and although I have decided not to dramatize the situation too much, it has made much more evident my solitude.

In fact, I have been totally alone and at my own pace. I´ve been painting, tidying, decorating but I have also rested a lot. I have read a few books, been watching old episodes of my favorite serials and eating simple meals without being in a hurry, without schedules... what a great privilege and what an amazing pleasure!

This has made me realize -once again- the crazy exigencies of my job, how the current university policy is forcing me to work in conditions that are becoming worse every passing year and how this is affecting me; it has 
also made me think about the good and not so good impact that being on line has on my life. But I´ll write about this on next posts... 

Hope you´re having a wonderful month.

Much Love



windrock studio said...

I'm so sorry that your husband has been delayed but happy to hear that you are smart to enjoy the time alone, it can be such a delicious thing! We all should unplug at times although it's very nice to see you back.

CherryPie said...

Being alone in ones own space for a while allows time refresh and refocus.

'Me Time' everyone needs a bit of that :-)

Aga Gasiniak said...

Maybe you needed that solitude in some way, to have time to rest and gather the thoughts. I hope your husband is back by now. Big hugs to you! Beautiful photo, beautifully captured!

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