DAY 532

that´s what I have come to learn

There is no goal, only room for movement

there is no destination, only paths to walk

there is no achievement, only a sort of movement forward

there is no a steady structure, only change

there is no a predictable outcome, only amazement

there is no future, only present

there is no past, only lessons

there is no agenda, only journey

there is no explanation, only facts

and even so,


there is a plan where everything fits

because by going with the flow we accomplish

by accepting, we grow

without becoming attached to results, we evolve

without taking things personally, we understand

and by being in the now, we emerge

PS: After re-reading this text a few times I realized that it´s part of the celebration´s series...  this week I am celebrating this ongoing process of living a conscious life

Have a nice week dear friends,

Much Love,



Aga Gasiniak said...

Gorgeous photo and beautiful and wise thoughts. I love starting week with you! Thank you, Zena!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Such wonderful and inspirational thoughts here. Thank you as always Zena :)

Ginny said...

Beautiful words and picture. I am so glad that I started my week by reading this post.

Juli said...

Well, I want to print this and frame. These are words to read every day…to allow the heart to open, to gently embrace the journey. Beautiful, Zena. As Ginny said, I'm so glad to read this as I start my week. Perfectly timed.

Deborah Tisch said...

Zena, this post really speaks to my heart.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Cathy H. said...

Such wonderful reminders. I'm going to copy this and keep it handy!

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