DAY 526


It is difficult to talk about this subject. We usually believe that life should give us reasons to be happy and I don´t think so at all.

We must look for (and find) the reasons to be happy amidst the chaos of everyday life (and its magic), the bad luck (and its lessons); amidst the misfortune (and its blessings)... the unexpected and the way it touches and transforms us.

We can choose to be victims or survivors, we can choose to suffer or learn, we can choose not to see the miracles and stop experiencing wonder ... or we can try to stop judging life and labeling it, stop believing we deserve more happiness than the happiness that we are able to grow and give.

It is our responsibility to be happy, regardless of events and circumstances. Indeed, we can find happiness beyond strokes of luck or reasons to be happy that are sold to us by the market or the ego.

One day I stopped expecting and began to thank, stopped complaining and started to accept, I stopped fantasizing about another life and embraced mine and found thousands reasons to be happy in me, within me and outside me. I just had to stop and observe.

Now my happiness does not depend on the day, it is up to me and depend on my attitude. I choose to be happy , as I choose to see the beauty in a leaf floating adrift.

PS : This photo is one of those I'm taking in the park´s pond next to my house. I do not know how this project of mine will develop, or what it means but - even so- it makes me happy.

I have started a challenge with a couple of friends that involves taking (and sharing) a photo per day along a whole month following some guidelines, I am doing it only via facebook because  I didn´t want to pressure myself into posting daily  on this blog.  However, along the development of that project I´ve been feeling  that I should share here some of the things I have been written. This is the photo and the text corresponding to day 15.


Romero_77 said...

Muy cierto, somos responsables de nuestras vidas, podemos elegir cómo vivirla y como querer sentirnos.
La foto muy curiosa, parece que las hojas estuvieran descansando en un manto de mercurio :D.

¡A mí también me hace sentir feliz!

Un abrazo <3

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I definitely agree that it is up to us to look for the things to be happy about - and there are many. No matter how many things are going wrong in our life, there is always always something to be thankful for! Great post as always my friend.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Stunning photograph. You made up my day with your words. Thank you so much, Zena!

Cathy H. said...

Thank you for these timely words! I needed them today! Love your beautiful image...an amazing piece of art!

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