DAY 508

Impatiens at home

Since a few months ago I am being able to grow plants at my house again. I always liked them, but except when I was a young student, all my attempts have ended up not very well. I remember having big plants in my first apartment and taking time to transplant and fertilize them. I had grown up surrounded by plants, so when I left my mom´s house it seemed natural to me to have pot-plants and they were also a cheap way to add a personal touch to the most boring places.

When I got my first job and later on, when I became an university teacher, little by little plants stopped being part of my habitat. Hectic schedules, my work´s demands and a long list of goals and pending achievements (not to talk about the rough waters of my emotional pains) made me dismissed many creative activities that I adored previously.

It was a progressive process, and of course, many of my passions and interests stayed with me, but not all or not in the same intense way, thus when I turned 40 I had grown apart from all things creative a
nd many habits that used to infuse my everydayness with joy. This included artistic tasks, crafts, personal writings; having plants, sewing or cooking. 

However, when I began my inner work somehow I recovered many of those things. It made blockages vanished and this marked the start of a new stage. It was a real turning point. I understood that we all have to take ownership of our own awakening by creating our own rituals and practices. And I thought that –in my case- they could be partly made of all those things that I had abandoned (plus all the new things I was encountering), not only because they could be useful to develop it, but because they always had been important to me.

Thanks to this my level of mindfulness has experienced an exponential growth. You may ask what changed. Probably, it has been my determination to take time to evolve and emerge. To cultivate what I love. To explore what can make me happy using new tools and newly learned capacities but also those that I already had. 

This is turning every day into a true epiphany regarding the simplest things. So last November when  I found myself longing for some plants, I decided to follow my heart. I knew that I had the right state of mind to take care of them and was sure they will provide me with the connection to nature that I was looking for.

It can sound irrelevant, but not to me. This path is about the returning of my own true identity... that’s why every little sign (a simple plant growing and blooming and shinning) is extra special.

PS:  Impatiens is a genus of about 850 to 1000 species of flowering plants. Here they are commonly named the joy of the house. 


Jeanne said...

How blessed we are when we have the opportunity in our mid life to recover who we really are... and our roots. beautiful plants

Optimistic Existentialist said...

There's a famous quote that says it's never too late to be what you might have been :)

Cathy H. said...

Your impatiens are beautiful! They remind me of little girls twirling their skirts! It's wonderful that you have a living thing that can remind you of your journey!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Hola Zena, y gracias por visitarme en mi blog.
Estoy de acuerda - es lo mismo para mi: la creatividad es una manera importante para nosotros de descubrir la persona que somos. Quizás por las plantas que eligimos, quizás por el arte o el artesano que hacemos.
Saludos de Inglaterra.

Aga Gasiniak said...

'to take ownership of our own awakening by creating our own rituals and practices' so true, so right and so beautiful. and 'to cultivate what we love'. Zena I am so glad for you :) for your thoughts and photographs, inner and outer beauty, for sharing them. Thank you!

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