DAY 507

joined together

Yesterday when I published my post about celebrating love and talked about those persons who have marked me, I said that while dealing with the hard impact of some of them on my life, maybe I hadn´t paid enough tribute to those who indeed have been generous, and supportive and patient and loving. I didn´t include pets deliberately (even when I think they have had one of the more healing influences on my life) because I wanted to write this post today.

Pets show a kind of unconditional love that is hard to understand unless you have experienced it. Being loved without conditions is not something that one can find easily, but once you have a pet you feel how the huge power of boundless love touches your heart and how it blooms and feel ready to give that love back.

The very first time I had a cat (I was an adult woman already) those sentiments took me by surprise, it was like a warm wave going up my chest, but the following times (every single time a new cat arrived home) I was just expecting it and I never felt disappointed. Once and again the love came and stayed.

That love have proven me many things about life, things that I didn´t know and even, many things about myself: it has been one of the mirror where I have searched for inspiration to appreciate myself more.

Here is my Miel, she is sixteen years old and 
is the sweetest cat ever. She has survived her sister along three long years. In fact, today (February 13th) is the third anniversary of her sister´s passing. However, this morning when I thought I should write this post, I didn´t feel like commemorating this death.

Today I simply want to celebrate the life we all have shared, the tender memories (and there are plenty of them!) and the great deal of joy they caused.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

There are few things in this world more precious than the unconditional love of a pet :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of a sweet and beautiful cat. I am a cat lover, had one for most of my life - don't think I could live without. This is a beautiful post...

Aga Gasiniak said...

Zena, I nealry cried when I read this post. Beautiful and heart warming tribute to your dear Miel and her sister. Miel sounds and looks so magical and sweet. Thank you for that healing moment, dear Zena.

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