DAY 501

So now I am living a year of celebration!

After writing my last post, I went into panic mode along a few minutes... I started to ask to myself how I would manage to stay true to that idea, how I would be able to preserve my determination during such a long period of time. I was ready to start to plan the year whole, when suddenly I realized that it could be much easier than that: the only thing I had to do was cultivating a celebration mood and let it me lead throughout the days ahead.

Of course, cultivating that mood -I thought- will demand me tons of positive thinking, the ability to focus on what can I celebrate and to face up my everydayness (with its demands, problems and epiphanies) in a complete different way. But for a moment I saw clearly that what I had to do was keeping that mood as much as possible, nothing else.

It was a sort of revelation: I would live this in process, I would celebrate in process, I would plan my year of celebration in process. That means that I wouldn´t make decisions in advance, I wouldn´t opt for this or that content, I would live every unique moment honestly. And I would honor through celebration.

When I came to that conclusion I felt that an important truth had been unraveled: I had to honor by celebrating!. And I realized that this would have to be my strategy this year: honor my existence by celebrating it... honor my daily life by celebrating tiny moments; honor my inner work by celebrating my practice, honor my process, by celebrating my finds; honor my journey by celebrating my path… honor my destiny by celebrating my surrender

So I made a decision: My word could be celebrate (because I wanted it to rule my life). My motto: analyze less, celebrate more (as I felt that it would allow me to move forward ), but my strategy should be (would be) honor by celebrating.

I love this last paragraph, it makes me feel alive, empowered and confident. I feel that it is going to open an unknown door to a new and completely different place. And I am ready to go ahead.

I know that this is a great challenge and I know I´ll need a system not only to keep this in mind (I know I can get lost in my hectic schedule without noticing it), but also to be able to write about my experiences here. I´ve been thinking about it, and I have some ideas, I still want refine them a bit but I´ll keep you updated!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Much Love,



Optimistic Existentialist said...

"I would live every unique moment honestly" - what an inspiring thought :)

Jeanne said...

i have always loved doing a gratitude journal, writing down 3 things every day that I am truly grateful for.... even if it is only true gratitude in having the day come to an end. Doing that really makes a difference in my ability to celebrate, and stay in the moment!

Romero_77 said...

Desde luego que va a ser un reto difícil, pero se que tú puedes con esto y más... Celebremos la VIDA !!

TQM xoxoxoxo

Cathy H. said...

Focusing on each moment is a wonderful way to celebrate the year!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Such a strong, positive post. so inspiring! So much depends on us, on our choices and decisions in our lives. Beautiful thoughts and photo. Is it a cranberry tree from Zena's world :)? Sending you much love and gratitude. Thank you for sharing.

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