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in the prime of life

When I first started to think of this post which would be my first post of 2014 and where I wanted to talk about my New Year resolutions, I felt certain unease. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt.

The first days of the New Year I usually outline what I intend to do as a way of manifesting it. I set goals and develop the guidelines of my inner work by choosing a word for the year. This, quite often,  gives rise to a working methodology which -frequently-nurtures this blog.

This has allowed me to move forward and heal (which is obviously, the aim that lies beneath this journey of mine), but when I thought about it this time, I realized that even when I wanted to keep this process (which is indeed a daily practice right now) and to continue to heal and to create more serenity, peace and joy in my life, I didn´t  want to do it the same way I´ve been doing it. 

Indeed, since December started, I knew that I didn´t feel like doing tasks related to New Year commitments (maybe because
they were becoming a bit uninspiring). So instead of forcing myself to do it, I decided to abandon the pressure and the lists and try to find out the reason why I felt that way. 

While I was thinking of all these things, I had a request from Marcie of Vision and Verb because we were going to publish a post of communal intentions and suddenly I came up with this:

To regret less, enjoy more. Complain less, appreciate more. Expect less, love what is more. Reject less, embrace more. Judge less, respect more. Analyze less, celebrate more.

These words summarize what was going round in my head. In particular, the last paragraph. Once I wrote them without much reflection, they settled inside me -so to speak- and acquired new meanings. The more they stayed with me, the more I understood that they were meant to rule my life along the next twelve months, in particular -I have to say it again-  the last paragraph. Maybe because the first ones, some way sum up what I have been doing. In fact, they express a result and are a sort of reinforcement, but the last one is brand new.

Analyze less, celebrate more! I´ve been saying this to myself since I first wrote it. Sometimes exclaiming, often doubting myself. I´ve felt both hopeful and frightened. Could I be able to approach my life that way?, and finally, I have said, YES!. I know these words hold a deep truth to me, and I am sure they will lead me to a new level of consciousness.

When I think about celebrating, I am not only thinking about rejoicing in my accomplishments, I am thinking also, about performing new actions which can help me to support others and also about praise publicly who I am and how blessed I feel (now) being myself. I want to honor my journey, by celebrating any step of my path.

However, these are not resolutions, there are not goals, the only thing I want to do is invoking this energy of celebration. I don´t want to undertake any particular or predetermined task; I don´t want to plan anything, maybe for the first time in my life... I only want to see where this energy of celebration can lead me.

Of course, this can change it all. Indeed, this can change the style of my inner work, the essence of my practice, what I want to show to the world and what I want to share. It is already changing my mood!.

 I want this blog to reflect what I am talking about so keep an eye out for the next posts because I am going to offer new proposals that will meet all these characteristics.

I am so motivated by all this!!. Next December I´ll be 50 years old and I cannot imagine a better way to go over the months ahead. I also have found out that -by chance- this post which marks this turning point is my 500th post. Coincidence? I don´t think so.

Hope you will stay with me along this promising year.

Much Love to you all



Sandra said...

Wishing you a good life journey this year! Going with the flow of events is such a lovely thing to do - no planning, just being with things as they are. It's a restful place to be!

Lisa Gordon said...

You sound so excited, and that makes me excited too!!!
I look forward to reading about your journey, here.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne said...

Love your new thinking, and gratitude and being more tuned in to celebrating the present is so important and something that I have to work on daily. Will anxously look forward to your new thinking, and always love the wisdom that you share. Such an important part of growth to really appreciate and investigate what there is each day in life to celebrate! Amazing what we can find.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I like this - emotional goals for the New Year as opposed to concrete ones. I like your way of thinking :)

Cathy H. said...

Your thoughts are similar to ones I've had this January! I didn't make any goals or any big plans this year either. It just didn't feel right. I tried to choose a word, but it wasn't feeling right either. I think some years we just need to be, just see what happens, and enjoy the moments! I will look forward to seeing where this takes you this year!

Ginny said...

I love what you wrote and can feel the excitement in your words. Celebrating the simple but beautiful moments each day is such a special way to embrace our lives. I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful and inspiring post, Zena. I love catching up via blog with you and see where you are and how you are feeling. Whenever I read your thoughts, they are always fulfilled with so much wisdom and clarity. Beautiful photo as well, that green is amazing, so fresh. Sending much love to Zena's world.

koralee said...

Oh I will be checking back to see how your journey is going...very inspirational. Happy day to you.

Marcie said...

Love how you're declaring your intent to simply honor your journey as a celebration of your life. So much grounding energy in that. Right there with you - my friend!!!

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