DAY 365+114

I am starting

to retrace what I walked, 

to unlearn what I learnt, 
to forget what I was determined to remember,
to regain what I lost,
to overcome what marked me, 
to understand what has no explanation, 
to welcome what before I found awkward,
to forgive what I thought I would never forgive, 
to honor what I have lived.

I am starting to untangle what has been knotted 
with much tenderness, just to go back to myself: 

the place that I shouldn´t have left

PS: I am starting also another self-portraiture journey throughout October. You can see the photos here


Kimberley McGill said...

Oh Zena! Your words brought tender tears. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself on this journey of return. Sometimes leaving ourselves is how we survive until it's time to come back.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Dear Zena. Beautiful portraits and beautiful you at self portraits journey. And beautiful and very touching words. Your life journey is magical. Thank you for sharing it.

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