DAY 365+108


My body can come from earth 

and to earth shall return.

My rational brain seems to be grounded in it too,
always calling for rational answers. 

Even my heart, the axis of my emotions,
has a mundane reminiscence, 
focused in my temporal identity 
and its obsessions. 

Maybe there is also something terrestrial in my personality,

my steady willpower in constant search for new goals, 

new challenges, 
new responsibilities. 

And what can I say about my so very human resistance

and my silent and conventional passions?. 

They all can be associated with qualities of heaviness, 

with matter. 

In fact, they are dust

and to dust shall return. 

But my soul,

oh!, my soul belongs to the wind, 

to the ethereal reigns of eternity. 

My adventurous soul has wings

and moves freely 

and explores. 

It comes from the air,

from the core of the energy -the spirit- that creates the universe 

and to the air shall return.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a tranquil post...very calming for my Thursday morning :)

Nonnie said...

you stirred my soul with your words!

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