DAY 365+83

me (an updated list)

introvert but not shy
teacher by profession (and by vocation)
perfectionist who is learning acceptance
lover of details

achievement oriented
advocate of the connection between all things, beings and events
accidental academic with a creative nature

increasingly convinced that I have to focus on the bright side of things
prone to anger
learning to be visible
stubborn when not centered

amateur photographer
sensitive (and sometimes even hyper-sensitive)
believer of the healing power of art, prayers and silence

exploring my inner world through the spiritual practice
setting boundaries
learning respect (and self-respect)
professing the belief in kindness and compassion

starting to be less rigid
in favor of authenticity
cat person

cultivating mindfulness and serenity
looking for ways to love myself more (much more)
letting go preconceived ideas about life and happiness
in search of clarity

no expecting approval anymore
devotee of reading (and writing)
tidy but not very organized

embracing my gifts and universe guidance
trying to reach peace through the little things
analytic with a bohemian heart
paying attention to my soul voice

passionate (and a bit obsessive from time to time)
currently celebrating the beauty of my path (my own beauty)
and perhaps, finally satisfied, appeased


Ginny said...

I really enjoyed learning more about you. We have so many things in common.

Diane said...

Beautiful photo of you, and I love your "updated" you!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love this entire post. The photo, the poem/list... and I am thinking, this week? I will write a selfie, paint - or collage - a selfie, and take a new photo selfie. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Wonderful selfie. I love your description of yourself.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful YOU Zena !!!

Cindy Swainson said...

You are a kindred spirit for sure! I love this self portrait.


NatashaMay said...

I applaud you for making the list. I don't think I can find that many things about me. I will have to try harder. :)

Rebecca said...

Many people do not understand that introvert and shyness do not always go hand in hand.

Sarah Evans said...

I love this idea - this way of sharing yourself with your readers.

I should definitely do more of this :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Lissa Forbes said...

Zena, this is a wonderfully self-effacing poem without being denigrating or egocentric. I love it! A great way to gain self-awareness. I think I might try it. Thanks for visiting me.

windrock studio said...

You have always inspired me so much as I share some of these traits on your list ... love the artful image!

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