DAY 365+82

true friends come in all forms
can be found in every context, 
in any moment of your life

They make you feel important, wise, 

they offer support, sense of belonging, 
unconditional help that makes you grow, 
a shoulder to cry on quietly 

They comfort you even without speaking,  

stay with you along bad days 
and sad day, and good days,
and go with you without complaining 

They are a source of joy,
a wonderful reason to live for,
an accidental gift, an unexpected privilege

They open a gateway to life, 

make you go deeper into yourself 
and always are there for you 

That´s why I have to say 
true friends come in all forms, 
can be found in every context, 
in any moment of your life

Indeed a true friend can be 
a person, a tree, a book, 
a sweet orange and white cat 
who has accompanied you, loved you,
for a very long, long time 

She knows well how to wait, 
and masters the art of restfulness 
she also knows how to play, 
and masters the art of acceptance 

A sweet orange and white cat 
that has been walking with me 
during the last fifteen long years 

my cat, my teacher, my friend

Six Words Fridays: Joy


Sarah Huizenga said...

I feel the same way about my dogs.

Irene @ In A Different Place said...

Beautiful, and so very true, because I, myself, found true friends in my dogs. <3 :-)

Rob T said...

That is beautiful poetry! While my husband and a few others are true friends, none are as enthusiastic as my dogs. They take me with all my flaws and never complain. They love me unconditionally, but their kisses are a little sloppy :)

Your blog is great! I'll be back to visit.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ellen said...

Beautiful poetry. I feel that way about my beautiful cat Bronte.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Truly beautiful post. I missed your blog Zena. It is like visiting friend. Thank you for it. and I love your cats photos. I hope you are well. Lots of blessings to you

Adrienne said...

Friendship truly is one of the most profound sources of joy...and I love that notion that anything/one can be a friend! Found, often, when least expected. Thanks so much for joining in with six words!!

Cindy Swainson said...

I know I've said this before...well maybe I haven't...I look forward to visiting your blog. It's like visiting a dear, wise friend who just somehow knows what I need to hear.


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