DAY 365+39

learning as I walk

Sometimes, when I go out with my camera, I fear that I won´t be able to take any good photo, in particular, when I go over my home city. I have spent many hours there developing new ways to observe and compose, testing my sensitivity and my body and trying to feel relaxed and open to what it can offer me because it is the most easy way to walk, make some shots and clear up my mind in regular basis

So I have the feeling that I have scrutinized every single corner in order to find new takes and also, that I have already discovered all the eye-catching places and all the hidden symbols that once turned into photos have permitted me to muse on my own life and explore my inner world

... And I afraid I will be left without that magical key

But when I close the door of my entrance hall, and I breathe deeply the fresh air all my fearful anticipation starts to fade away and I start to trust my eye and my feet once again 

Behind I leave my biases and beliefs associated with this practice. Behind I leave concerns about what is wrong, what is right. Behind I leave my need to be perfect. Behind I leave any reasoning about how all this should be done. Behind I leave strictness. Behind I leave rules

I rely on my mind which is clear and steady. I rely on the soft longing inside me. I rely on my vision. I rely on the present moment and accept that it holds a powerful message aimed at me. This little me, who only have a camera and a willful heart 

... And I am led through concepts and expectations and experience the magic that exists in the world around me,  no matter how many times I have seen it

walk and click wednesday: the fountain next to my house


Unknown said...

Lovely photos and post, I enjoy reading it very much. Thank you for dropping by pret-a-vivre.

Lissa Forbes said...

Zena, I absolutely love your essay on what you leave behind and what you rely on ... made me smile and realize I do much of the same. I especially love the close up of the statue's feet with the water drops cascading. Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesdays!

Minoru Saito said...

There are many beautiful photos in your posts.
It was healing moments for me.

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love how you write " and I breathe deeply the fresh air" and leave everything behind. I need to learn to do that every time I pick up my camera. LOVE the fountain picture.

The Artful Diva said...

I'm still learning my dslr camera and how to take good photos. Often I return home only to be disappointed because I didn't set the ISO correctly - other times the photos are fab. Who can figure?! Anyway, I keep practicing and experimenting. Thank goodness for digital. Now, you on the other hand, took some great shots. I especially like the cherub's feet in the fountain - wonderful!

Introverted Art said...

I think the most important is not to give up for fear. You continue to experiment with your camera, creating beauty, even of from errors.

joy said...

Right attitude brought amazing shots:)

Jeanne said...

Lovely writing. I especially like your last photo here, and it brings to me the carefree... ness of childhood. That special feeling that we often leave behind us as we enter and live in the adult world. Beautiful!

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