DAY 365+26

"The saying goes, 'The sage rests, truly rests and is at ease.'
This manifests itself in calmness and detachment, so that worries and distress cannot affect him, nothing unpleasant can disturb him, his Virtue is complete and his spirit is not stirred up." 

Chuang Tzu

After a stormy -yet, plentiful- year, I am finally having a rest. Not because I am doing nothing (physically speaking), but because I am finally relaxed after all the exertion

When many things are proving to be unhelpful this usually means that a change of mind is required. The problem is that we have to create the new mind frames using the old ones and this is complicated, but there is always a turning point where one starts to see clearly what one has to do, a sort of epiphany that show us the correct direction and then, making decisions become much easier

This has happened to me last month. The process of becoming aware of what was occurring in my life by getting in touch with myself (what I call here  my inner work) started long ago, but I have the feeling that I have conquered a new stage that will provide me with a deepest sense of serenity, based on joy, detachment and liberty

I have broken free from what was holding me back. Most of the tough issues have been processed, most of the hardest obstacles have been removed and now I can rest and prepare for a bountiful crop

I feel I am ready to accomplish whatever I dream of
...even when I still am not that wise


Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Well I'm so looking forward to seeing your harvest from your bountiful crop through your blog, Vision and Verb and Photo-Heart Connection! Happy New Year and the best to you in 2013!

Marcie said...

Rest is a beautiful and important piece of growth. Wishing you and yours all the best in this up and coming new year!

Jennifer Richardson said...

sweet grace to you
in your rest
and glad thanks for the kind
you left on my post
at vision and verb:)
much fresh joy to you,

Introverted Art said...

Capricorn/Dragon combination :) I knew there was a reason I saw so much of you in me. I am also glad you feel you are achieving a new stage, one that will provide you with more serenity. I am looking forward to share this with you :)

Aga Gasiniak said...

I love your portraits and I am so glad that you relaxed. your blog is one of my favourite and thank you so much for sharing yourself and your gifts. I wish you lots of love in 2013!!!

Vagabonde said...

I was away and am trying to catch up – thanks for coming to my blog. It looks like you are ready for a great 2013 – so I hope that you get everything you wish for in 2013.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Zena, Congratulations on your being ready for big things! We've got a new year, it's a great time to cast off what keeps us from accomplishing what God wants us to! I dropped by to say you won my weekly ATC giveaway- pls send me your snail mail address at patsy.paterno (at) gmail.com. A blessed new year! Patsy from

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