DAY 365+25

living with more intention

So here I am, doing what I usually do

Here I am, creating a practice that is indeed recreating my inner landscape, and leading me from awkward positions to those that can be sustained without damages or pain 

Here I am,  trying to feel like me, looking for tools and skills I can dip into, try out and find useful. And I am doing it through a conscious attentiveness

Day after day I look at my life without turning my face, I learn my lessons and go for more challenges as I feel this gives me power

The key is my practice. I have developed it over time. It doesn´t requires nothing very special, just time and a contemplative attitude that often is induced by some specific activity, like taking photos, writing, creating some art... 

Once I find the right mood I use those different ways to capture whatever comes to my mind and after that, there is a new reflection on those things that stand up for me. This usually takes me into a deeper dive 

My aim is focusing on intentional living, not on those things that may look great, important or impressive (even when they are trivial),  but on those which are relevant, those which are pertinent in order to live meaningful life
This process can be interesting and fast. Often, I see how patterns and explanations emerge quite easily and I experience a holy sense of understanding 

Even so, some of its moments can be tough, unexciting and achingly boring

From time to time I go back to some word, some image, and I become aware of a tiny precious truths about me and my life once and for all 

And I have the feeling that I am eschewing darkness one more time 

I have done this so many times that it is part of my everyday life and I have created a sort of ongoing practices that have  proved to be helpful. Now I am thinking of  sharing them here throughout the next year (you´ll find more information about those practices and the way I am planning to introduce them in the coming posts)

Would you join me in this new journey?


Lisa Gordon said...

Sounds like an exciting year ahead, and I look forward to your sharing it here!

Introverted Art said...

This guy knows there is nothing boring about you ;-)

Carola Bartz said...

Since I also want to (re)establish some practices, it'd be interesting to follow yours. I still need to write mine down, make them "real".
Happy new year, Zena.

Sofia said...

I am enjoying reading about you and of course what you're sharing is very interesting!

Marcie said...

Journalling is a huge part of my practice and dream to live authentically and with what is true and important. Will look forward to seeing what evolves from here.

Aga Gasiniak said...

intentional living idea sound so beautiful.

Carol L McKenna said...

I try to see and feel the 'sacred in the ordinary' ~ Wonderful post and photography and captions are delightful ~ look forward reading more and seeing more photos in 2013 ~ Happy New Year ^_^

(A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

Carolyn Dube said...

Living with intention makes life so much more amazing and incredible because you get to notice and feel so many gifts the world has to offer! Happy New Year! Beautiful furry friend too!

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