DAY 365+5

trifles versus triviality

I´ve been thinking of writing this post since I started the gratitude project. I am always talking about the healing power of little things that usually go unnoticed. But I have also discovered that there are lots of tiny matters which definitely don´t help me to feel healed. On the contrary they make me feel obsessed, anxious and unhappy

Both kind of things are rather insignificant, but they have the power to make me feel connected or totally out of my mind. Indeed, they can turn a common day into a paradise or into an inferno

I have learnt that as I am a detail oriented person, I have a gift for finding beauty in the ordinary and also for rising my obsessions starting from the most dull events. And this is not linked to what is happening in a given moment, but to my state of mind

We are prone to think this depends on the nature of the facts themselves, but even when this can be fairly true (what happens in our life can improve our day or can ruin it),  the way we look at life is important too

 Every time something new occurs in our lives we take a stand in order to deal with events and their consequences. Of course, there are many responses to a certain incident or circumstances, but in short, we can opt for ego responses or we can opt for awareness 

Ego responses come from the image we have of ourselves. Most of time this image has been built up around our early story and experiences in order to create a sense of identity and compensate all those things that tell us that we´re not good enough. According to this, we need to prove our own importance and we are going to use any little excuse to start a battle that help us to do it. Great problems but also, the tiniest offense, the most insignificant gestures, irrelevant accidents and even moments of success can trigger a sense of separation, drama, self-hatred feelings, negative emotions, vanity and arrogance

On the other hand, awareness gives us the chance to appreciate what is around and focusing on actual situations. We are not negative, nor willful optimist... we just see and accept without judgments. Big achievements or failures but also, the little nothings, gifts and favors, even those which might seem trinkets, can become a source of joy that ends in amazement, a sense of accomplishment and validation

Those opposing views have deeply marked my life and the transition from one to another has meant a real turning point in my life. Both revolve around minor details but from a completely different point of view

If the small things are  driving you crazy, try to move from control to appreciation, from resistance to acceptance. Don´t impose anything on reality. This will make a great difference in your life

I promise

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Introverted Art said...

It is what I have learned...this constant battle with our ego, the image of a world that it doesn't really exist.. Somehow it is still so powerful. The images are amazing.

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