DAY 358

ceaseless passion

If I look back to my life, I would say that the recurring theme that have woven my experiences into a story has been my thirst for learning. Indeed this could well be the main leitmotiv of my whole existence

This thirst for learning have adopted many forms: intellectual curiosity, need to understand, analytic attitude. Need to know more, to know why and to know how things are made or can be made. I´ve been engaged in every sort of knowledge and skills which I thought could be interesting, useful, appealing or simply singular

I have acquired them through study and experiences and trough observing, listening and musing on all the issues that my mind considers to be strange or intriguing. Indeed, I´ve been captivated by the most varied themes and when I focus on one of them I like to have an exhaustive vision of it, even if it is a hobby

I am always exploring new options, reading books, underlining the main ideas, taking notes and making lists of what I have to do in order to know more. Since I have started to make good progress with my inner journey, I have added intuition to the way I learn. This has given me a more comprehensive vision and has permitted me to make the best of what I learn and consequently, has made me more efficient

However, the main benefit of it has been firstly, the reduction of the urgency. Now when I discover something new, when I want to implement a change or find a new way to improve myself, I don´t feel overwhelmed: I take time, I even let things settle and lie dormant, and do what I can do in a given moment. And secondly, an increasing sense of connection. Now I am able to make room for my inner wisdom too: his helps me a lot to discern and choose when to pause, when to act, when to wait...

I still make a lots of lists, but their content is a bit different now. I mix things I have to do with kind invocations; ideas and goals with sweet reminders... so they are not pressing, they are a space where I can look for wonderful options and not a string of expectations. Now I know there is not need to rush, I can mix intention with action at my own pace, because things will occur in the right moment thanks to a happy coincidence

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