DAY 356

at home

where love doesn´t need to wear full dress

where rooms don´t have to look like a decoration magazine´s vignette

where you can find odd cushions made by hand

where some objects don´t go very well with other but have a place anyway

where colors are vibrant and not always complementary

where not all the pictures are signed, but are significant

where books are everywhere and there are childish hearts decorating the walls

where an unfinished dollhouse is awaiting

where candles blink and raise my prayers to heaven

where crystals and mirrors are not always perfectly clean

where there are many teapots for a sole tea drinker

where a Christmas village remains on display all year long

where the bed is not made every single day

where there are not two lamps to match

where dishes get mixed up without rhyme or reason

where a pitcher can be a vase

at home, my work in progress, where an old t-shirt makes me feel all dressed up, where angels and kitties share the shelves and my heart brims with joy

at home


Unknown said...

I saw this on Flickr and wanted to stop by to explore your blog. In both image and words you've captured the warmth and wonder of what makes a house a home. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of joy.

Catherine said...

Perfect post... wherever we travel in the world, there is absolutely no place like Home...

cococita said...

So beautiful! Love these words! You master the art of living ... Have a wonderful day filled with the little delights of home!

gina said...

What a great picture you painted of your home with your words. I love your image too!

GalleryJuana said...

beautifully written and how I love your kitty!

seabluelee said...

I don't know which I like more, the photographic image or the one painted by your words. Both are lovely and moving. Thank you for sharing your heart along with your self-portrait.

Becs said...

I love both the picture and your words. They compliment each other perfectly. Love the different colours and textures in your image and that you are looking down while the cat looks straight at us. Beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

wonderful, the photo and your words!

urban muser said...

gorgeous! love that kitty. thanks for linking up.

Carrie said...

oh this is heavenly, what a beautiful post and I love your list, so perfectly written.

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