DAY 353

how would you describe this?

I said in a previous post that I am a lover of words, but I must say that I am also a believer in words. The words we use create the world around us and somewhat, they alter our self-concept in a positive or negative way. Indeed, there are words and phrases which are transforming, and other that prevent us from evolve. This doesn´t mean lying or creating a false reality, it means focusing on the positive side of things but not evading sincerity. In short, changing our point of view and opening our minds to a new way to see reality

I have always cultivated this ability and photography has helped me to 
even increase it

When I saw this rose for the very first time, it caught my eye immediately but I didn´t say to myself this is only another withered rose (and believe me, I am conscious of how many photos of withered roses I have published)

 I didn´t say to myself this is old, this is ugly, this is useless, I exclaim: what a beauty!. And that simple phrase changed the whole thing: those words allowed me to be faced with the real experience of life. I felt how my heart started to bloom while I was shooting and how I became more and more sensitive after every passed second... I saw elegance, allure, strength, dignity, power and the chance of keeping the attractive regardless the age 

Of course, bring this transforming language closer to my inner dialogue has not been that easy. Indeed, using gentle words to describe my mood, my body or my character without having the feeling that I was deceiving myself, has involved a great deal of work: I was so afraid to succumb to the temptation to overly sweeten my viewpoint... but suddenly I realized that staying true to my vision hadn´t nothing to do with hypercriticism and also I noticed that there was something extremely captivating in treating me well

Once again, photography (and in particular self-portraiture) has helped me regarding this matter... but first I started to change the words I used to described what I was seeing, and then beauty emerged

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