DAY 352


I have published a few photos of this tree already. It has been flowering since late may and it has not stopped, so I couldn´t resist taking a few new shots like this one

I don´t known how this can happen. Indeed, it´s not the only variety of trees that are still blooming. I don´t even know the name of many of them, but at this stage I have started to feel curious about this issue

I wonder what kind of healthy balance is needed to make this happen and where lies the secret of such abundance. The weather this summer has been awful, we have been suffering heat waves since late may till this week and we have had no rain during the spring so outer elements haven´t be favorable. However, there must be a sort of inner strength or resilience that can keep them alive

The same inner strength and resilience that make us keep on walking: w
e, human beings share these attributes with trees and other living beings, but often we don´t discover it till external circumstances put us to the test. Then we realize that we are stronger than we expected and wiser than we thought and also that the there is a tiny sparkle inside us that is quite obstinate, a sparkle called life

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Introverted Art said...

Zena, you can use this image any time. it is amazing in color and feeling.

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