DAY 342

my story matters

I write this tiny note to myself and hanged on my inspiration board a few months ago or so. When I sat down at my working table the first day after my visit to my mom I noticed it and I realized that I was starting to believe it to be true

Indeed, late events have proved that my story is important in more than one sense:

Firstly, because as any other story, it includes past events and the facts about what I have lived but also, my emotions, perspectives and viewpoints and the outline of my battles and learning

Secondly, because all that happens to me and it´s not trivial or irrelevant, it´s something that must be validated instead of ignored, something that claims respect

Thirdly, because it reveals the argument of my soul´s journey, indeed my story has lead me here, to this precise moment and place, to this incipient bliss and heart´s ease

After these thoughts, I run my eyes over the whole board and I read many other loose words that were invoking the mood I was dreaming of when I was creating it. Words like visibility, gratitude, authenticity, gifts, serenity, lightness, confidence, clarity, love, calm. Words that described feelings that I had imagined to be much more far away from me

But surprisingly, they were not...

I had always found my aspirations difficult and often there was a shadow of doubt and somehow, deep inside me I was unwilling to believe that I could be destined for this, that all these words could belong to me

Obviously my persistence has been important and determinant, but the true turning point in this process was the moment when I started to let go my resistance, when I started to believe that I could deserve what I was looking for, that I could be what I wanted to 

This started to happen a year ago or so and has become a increasing certainty along the latest months and it is making a true difference: right now I am starting to gather my harvest. And it´s sweet my friends, so very sweet

Note: this would have been my photo-heart connection of september, but I didn´t link it to the site because I am still behind in my blog posts


Kat Sloma said...

It's all in our own belief, isn't it? Our story matters, but we have to believe it, deep down inside. I'm glad you shared this link in the Photo-Heart Connection even if you missed the linky!

Catherine Goron said...

Zena, your blog is a breath of fresh air... I can wander through it all day. Thank you for visiting my blog because now I've discovered yours :)

btw, reminders like the one you posted on your board are so important, I love it!

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