DAY 335


This is not the kind of photo I usually publish. Indeed, I don´t like it very much. But this was the first thing I saw when I awakened 
and looked through the window the first day I stayed at my  mom´s house (I came to visit her a few days ago to look for a solution to the current situation)

There is a big building work in progress in front of her house, they are destroying a bridge to build a bigger one. I was looking at it almost asleep, when I realized the profound symbolism of the whole process, and in particular, of these two signs

It was like the universe were talking to me and reaffirming the decisions I made before I took the plane. It was like it was telling me, don´t go through the old way, it´s narrow and problematic, try another road

Along the days, when I´ve felt blocked or been afraid of having a relapse into my mind´s old frames, I´ve gone to the window and I´ve observed what was happening on that road: often we have to break free from old structure in order to create new and effective one

Fear of change is a deeply rooted fear, that´s why some times we need a prompt to acknowledge that change is needed and can be for our own good

This was the reminder I needed. Am I lucky?

PS: I am behind with my blog due to my life circumstances. I am transcribing my impressions of previous days in order to catch up with my posts

1 comment:

GalleryJuana said...

very profound and the photo really gives an image to your thoughts. I often get images in dreams that tell me change is necessary.

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