DAY 330

the magic of the present moment

The more anxious I am, the more I need to focus on the simple acts of life

When I was younger, I usually thought that this was a kind of irresponsibility. I wanted to understand and was prone to analyze thoroughly every single event of my life, but often not those that really mattered. I was too cerebral and intense but I didn´t have the key that could make this really useful: a sense of being, a true connection with my inner self

I am still fond of this kind of analysis (I need so much to become familiar with the ins and outs of events and facts that I can be exhausting). However, I try to make it from a more balanced viewpoint, discarding preconceived ideas and the pretentions of my ego

Apart from this, now I know that I can also get answers from other circles or spheres, so I try to create room to listen to them. When I want to do this I start to make little things with much care. That promotes a sort of meditative state where I am able to get in touch with a true wisdom which comes from a not so mental or physical dimension, but from more ethereal or intangible one

...This way washing some pieces of fruit and placing them inside a pretty bowl can trigger a sort of epiphany where I awake to a new understanding of things

PS: I am behind with my blog due to my life circumstances. I am transcribing my impressions of previous days in order to catch up with my posts

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