DAY 322

another way to be industrious

I have alway
s considered myself to be a procrastinator, because I delay and postpone actions quite often. There have been a variety of reasons underlying this belief, that still remain: 

I want to be so sure that I am doing the right thing, that I can end up being indecisive

I am prone to have more running projects than time, so it takes me time to achieve some of my goals

I always fluctuate between passion and duty, so my motivation to tackle those projects depends on what is my position (passionate or responsible) at a given moment

I am a prolific person who has lots of interests and likes to move to a project to another, instead of start and finish tidily

Moreover, I love to intertwine those projects even when they seem too be far apart

When I was much younger, I didn´t like these tendencies. I so wanted to be organized and to focus all my attention on one only thing... but after reading a few works about cognitive styles, I understood that I am like a busy bee, going from one flower to another in order to create my own product made of mixed materials (maybe this is the reason why I am so fond of collages)

Through the reading of those works I discovered that maybe my supposed tendency to procrastinate was not so true as I used to think, but even so,  I wasn´t still happy with myself and the way I managed my time

 of it I noticed another characteristic  that could make me look (and behave) like a procrastinator: I have a fabulous instinct to know when come in or out of a project or how to deal with it (and I am not thinking only in terms of time). When I don´t want to keep up with something, I want to alter my pace or the way I approach some issues is because something inside me tells me that is not the right moment or shows me that a changes are needed 

Obviously, I could see the positive side of this peculiarity but I haven´t appreciated this ability till recently. A couple of months ago I read an article (sorry I don´t remember reference data, right now) that defended that being a procrastinator and being someone who "incubates" ideas and plans is not exactly the same. The procrastinator is afraid to fail and has serious problems to bring projects to a successful conclusion, but those who incubate (incubators?) are connected to their inner wisdom and give time to projects to mature or to unfold appropriately. This opened my mind to a new reality and gave me a new cognition of myself, so now I am trying to be more respectful toward the way I perceive that kind of things

Guess what? Even when I permit myself to postpone, my actions are now timelier and more pertinent than ever before

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Introverted Art said...

Zena, I love this explanation between incubators and procrastinators. I thought I was a procrastinator, but you just showed me I am an incubator. Thank you!!!!!!!

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