DAY 284

training the vision

Most of the nature photos that I publish are taken in the park near my house. I go there for a walk with my camera quite often and I try to find something interesting. Many days this is quite easy. It is a big park, so there is always a new tree blooming, or can be the way a ray of light come into contact with a leaf

But there are day, in particular in summer, that things that usually are eyecatching, seem to be faded away. Days where my mood makes me blind. Days where I can not pay attention...

Those days, I don´t take many photos, but I do a simple exercise. Before I come back home, I choose a certain area by chance and I have to discover appealing subjects regardless my sense of dullness. I do it on purpose, simply to challenge myself (yes, I know...). As I walk a lot in the park, when I do this exercise, I often go to a place that I already know well. Guess what?, I always find something that went unnoticed the last time I was there

This time I went to the herbs garden. It was almost dusk and it didn´t look like particularly interesting, but the air was pervaded with a wonderful aroma, and when I kneel down, I realized that mint was starting to flowering

Indeed a whole universe unfolded in front my eyes. Bees were working industriously and many butterflies where flying around these little flowers that only are 2 cm tall. I saw ants and tiny buds that were ready to open and even a few ladybugs

I take a deep breath, and for a moment all the boredom vanished and light shone again… and I thought, this is the way I want to look at my life


Deborah Tisch said...

Such beautiful wisdom in these words. Thank you. I needed to read this today.

Loredana Donovan said...

Lovely post. I've done this myself--training my eyes to see things that may go unnoticed or taken for granted otherwise. I posted similar thoughts last winter when I went for a walk in NYC looking for bright colors in the midst of the gray cement and steel of the skyscrapers. I love nature myself but I. Find that beauty can be seen anywhere if we take the time to really look, observe, and appreciate. Thans for sharing your beautiful thoughts :)

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